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School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation

Stemmed from the department of mechatronics, and officially created in 1999,the School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation(FMEA) is one of the legacy and largest faculty in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University with distinctively administrative features and academically enriched faculty body. The faculty began to enroll undergraduate students in “silk machinery” major in 1974 and then initiated its master and Ph.d’s programs in 1979 and 2005, respectively. The faculty, over thirty years, has undergone leaps in academic and research growth, development and outreach.

The FMEA currently owns 6 research institutes and 4 research &education centers. They are institutes of Mechanical Design & Manufacture, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Automation, instrumentation Science & technology, advanced manufacture, Fluid Mechanical & Engineering, Center of Material Engineering. In addition, the FMEA includes the Center of Mechanical experience of ministry of Education, the center of engineering technology of Ministry of education, and Zhejiang Provincial Key laboratory of modern textile Machinery & Technology.

The FMEA academic breath includes eight undergraduate majors, Machinery Manufacture & Automation, Measurement Technology & Equipment, Automation, Process Equipment & Control, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical engineering and automation and Material forming and control engineering. It also offers doctoral program in Mechanical Design and Theory and grants Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering,

The FMEA consists of 135 faculty and staff with over 69 holding doctoral degrees and majority in their middle and young age. The faculty includes 14 doctoral advisers, 25 professors, 42 associate professors. Two of them is honored with "Qianjiang scholar", a prestigious provincial title award to distinguished university faculty. Fourteen teachers are selected as the provincial Project of 151 Specialized Personnel; twenty-nine teachers receive the special government stipend from the State Council. Nine young and middle-aged teachers are the leading researchers in their respective areas of learning in higher education institutions \ of Zhejiang province. The FMEA has currently enrollment of more than 2000 full-time undergraduates and 340 of postgraduates.

While retaining its legacy specialties. FMEA has also extended its research into new areas and established multi-displinary high education system integrating mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, control engineering, and reliability engineering, etc. The FMEA, in the last five years, has conducted over 170 key research projects funded by National Science Fundation, National 863 program, National 973 program, and ministerial and provincial research Fundations in a variety of academic fields with a total funding exceeding 70 million RMB. The FMEA is leads the development of technologies that are close related to economic growth of Zhejiang Province, such as Modem Textile Machinery Technology, Agriculture Machinery, nano Measurement in Wild Displacement, Reliability Technology and Application, Advanced Manufacture. The FMEA has also established academic exchange and international colabration with many universities research institutions in about 10 countries and regions.

The FMEA, through its commitment to the philosophy of "people-concentric,rigorous learning and promoting practicing", has accomplished a great deal in academic achievement. In the past five years, it has published over 500 scientific papers with more than 250 indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP. The faculties of SMEA have received 26 awards and 230 patents, including 3 awards from National governments and 8 awards from the Ministeraries & provincial governments. The FMEA takes the initiative to meet the needs of economic and social development to the intellectual resource by orienting itself to cultivating high quality and innovative talents. With a view to equipping students with wide knowledge scope, solid knowledge foundation, practical skills and high quality, the school takes various measures to deepen educational reform, such as adopting the training pattern of integrating professional, quality and innovation education, practicing credit system and tutorship, and offering major courses and double major program.


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